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New Roofs

Of course, we do offer roof repair services.  However, there are occasions where we find that the roof is beyond a little maintenance and may require removing and rebuilding.
A complete overhaul, is sometimes the better option (increase the life of the roof). We offer and supply a professional roofing services from simple tile replacements to building a complete new roof.

About New Roofs

Any choice of roof covering can be installed from concrete or clay tiles to slates, all to the highest possible standard.

We use 2” x 1” Roof Battens, treated for longer life, on all projects, for the longest life span of your roof.

We use Roofshield Breather Membrane.

Long life Product Guaranteed come with every New Roof.

For Business and Domestic clients, we appreciate there are a vast range of different requirements and roof types.  We can tailor the quote job to meet your exact requirements.  Please call or fill in our online quote request form (you can upload images of your project). 

New Roofs